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Zoology is a branch of biology that is concerned with the classification, anatomy, characteristics, behavior, physiology, evolution, and distribution of animals. If you are pursuing zoology in the UK, US, New Zealand, Malaysia, Australia, or Canada, you can take zoology assignment help from our highly experienced zoology experts.

Zoology is one of the broadest branches of biology and sometimes it can be difficult for students to learn and understand all the basics of this subject. This is the reason why many of these studentssearch for help with zoology assignment from zoology homework writing services whenever they have projects to complete within a short time frame. If you are worried about your zoology homework and want to submit a document that fetches you good grades, we can help you achieve that goal. All you need to do is submit your assignment’s requirements and we will get it done by our experts.

Learn the branches of zoology from our zoology homework helpers

Being a broad discipline, zoology has many branches and as long as you are in a zoology class you will have todeal with assignments from each of the following areas:

  • Anthrozoology: Studies how human beings interact with other animals
  • Arachnology: Studies spiders and their species such as harvestmen and scorpions
  • Archaeozoology: Studies dead animals including their shells, bones, and other body parts
  • Bionics: Studies the mechanical systems that are designed to function like partsof living things or living things as a whole. In simpler terms, it is the application of biologic concepts to the design of modern technology.
  • Cetology: Studies the marine mammals including dolphins, whales, porpoise, etc.
  • Embryology:This is the study of the prenatal development of fertilization, sex cells, (gametes) and the growth of fetuses and embryos.
  • Entomology:Studies the insects. Entomology is subdivided into coleopterology, dipterology, hemipterology, isopterology, lepidpterology, melottology, myrmecology, orthopterology, trichopterology, and vespology.
  • Ethology: Studies the natural habitat of animals and their behavior
  • Helminthology: Studies the parasitic worms and their effects to the hosts
  • Herpetology: Studies the amphibians and reptiles. Herpetology is further subdivided into batrachology and ophiology.
  • Histology: Studies the anatomy of tissues and cells of both plants and animals
  • Ichthyology: Studies the fish and their habitat
  • Malacology: Studies all the animals that live in shells (Mollusca) such as slugs, snails, clams, and octopus. Malacology is further subdivided into conchology.
  • Mammalogy: Studies all mammals and their characteristics.
  • Morphology: Studies the structure, form and features of living organisms
  • Nematology: Study of roundworms
  • Ornithology: Studies the birds
  • Paleozoology: Studies the fossil animals to determine their prehistoric habitats an ecosystems
  • Pathology: Studies the bodily fluids including the urine and blood in order to diagnose a disease. It is further subdivided into veterinary pathology and plant pathology.
  • Primatology:Studies the primates such as prosimians, apes, and monkeys
  • Protozoology: Studies the unicellular organisms
  • Taxonomy: This is grouping of living organisms based on their characteristics and issuing names to the groups.
  • Zoogeography: Studies how animals are distributed in various habitats
  • Zoometry: Studies the measurements of animal species

If you have an assignment derived from any of the above topics of zoology and cannot figure out how to complete it, you can avail our online zoology assignment help and get it done by our experts. Our academic writers have the best knowledge and expertise in delivering assignments from the diverse branches of zoology. Our zoology homework writing service has benefited thousands of students by preparing outstanding academic documents that have garnered them excellent grades. To find out how the final paper will look like, just take a look at some of the samples of zoology assignment we have uploaded on our website. This will help you make an informed decision on whether we are the best assignment provider for you.

Where will you get employment with a degree in zoology?

If you are pursuing zoology, job opportunities can be found in conservation projects, zoos, and animal welfare groups. Typical employersinclude:

  • Research institutions and government agencies
  • Environment protection agencies, wildlife parks, and zoos
  • Medical research institutions
  • Animal and environmental charities
  • Museums, libraries, science centers, colleges and schools
  • Research institutes and universities
  • Environmental consultancies
  • Petroleum, pharmaceutical, and chemical companies
  • Animal nutrition and aquaculture companies

Studying zoology gives you the knowledge and skills in various fields of the subject and helps you develop practical experience on field research techniques and modern laboratory. You also gain an excellent  set of technical skills including:

  • Analytical skills: To collect, analyze, manipulate and interpret complex data
  • Data handling skills: To analyze, collate, and record data using appropriate equipment and techniques
  • Written/oral communication prowess: To create write-ups and reports regarding the scientific research. You also make presentations of the research findings.
  • Management skills: To plan and carry out research projects and experiments. This includes time management, contingency planning, budgeting, etc.

If you want to develop these skills, you need to work hard in the subject and complete any task assigned by your lecturer in the best way possible. However, if you feel like the zoology concepts are just too complex for you to understand, you can seek our reliable zoology assignment writing services to get the topics explained to you comprehensively. With our quality services, you will be able to develop the skills necessary to reach your academic goals and achieve your career objectives.

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