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Careers to take with a degree in accounting

Accounting is a popular course among students. This is because accounting is diverse, and people with accounting degrees can pursue different careers. Below is detailed information on some of the careers you can take with a degree in accounting.

Accounting career path explained

The role of an accountant is to manage and create reports on an organization’s financial information. Perhaps you interact with your school’s accountant frequently when paying your college fees or for various academic services. When an institution is enrolling new students, that’s when the accountants are most visible but in the real sense, these individuals work behind the scenes the entire year. They are the financial backbone of your institution. They help it set realistic financial goals and plan strategies on how to achieve them. If you love money matters, a degree and career in accounting would be the best path to pursue.

What certification will you need to work as an accountant?

Certified Public Accountant (CPA) certification is the most regularly requested qualification by employers. As such, many accountants get the license to increase their chances of landing a job. However, an associate’s degree will give you the knowledge you need to land god entry-level positions. It will also pave the way for advanced degree like MBA.

Where will you work?

In most cases,accountants work in offices although there are some who work fromhome. It all depends on the company you are working for and what your duties entail. Typical employers however will include:
Accountancy firms
High street banks
Building societies
Investment banks
Insurance companies
Public sector employers
Management consultancies
Advancing in the field obviously opens new accounting career paths. You can become a manager, supervisor or even open your own accounting firm.
Responsibilities of an accountant
Preparing assets, capital account entries and liability by analyzing and compiling account and finance information
Documenting financial transactions and reports by entering relevant account information
Recommending financial actions by evaluating and studying the available accounting options
Summarizing the current financial status by gathering data preparing profit and loss statements, balance sheets, and other financial reports
Substantiating financial transactions by analyzing and auditing reports and documents
Maintain accounting controls by recommending procedures and policies
Guiding the accounting clerical staff by answering questions and coordinating activities
Reconciling financial discrepancies and claims by gathering, analyzing, and evaluating accounting information
Securing financial data by creating information backups
Maintaining financial security
Preparing payments by verifying payroll and other documents
Answering accounting policy questions by researching an interpreting procedures and regulations
Complying with state, federal, and local government requirements
Preparing special financial reports
Maintaining customers’ confidence and protecting operations
Attending educational seminars and workshops to maintain technical and professional knowledge
Examining the reliability and efficiency of software used to organize and process financial data
Determining the financial state of an organization by analyzing data
There are several other duties you may be required to do as an accountant. However, these are the most crucial ones and any qualification in accounting will help you beef up your knowledge on how to go about carrying out these roles.

What skills do you need to work as an accountant?

As an accounting student, it is important to identify the skills that will help you succeed in your career and increase your work satisfaction. Below as the most important skills that will enable you to develop long-term career goals and stand out from the rest of the accountant in your department:


An accountant is an important member of staff in any organization. This position manages various activities, which means anyone an individual working under it generally stays pretty busy. To be able to perform your tasks diligently and excellently, it is important that you keep track of your duties so that none of them goes unattended. Have a small systems that manages all the transactions you perform, portfolios you manage, as well as important dates and deadlines so that you can fulfill your responsibilities as best as you can. Day planners, calendars, color-coded notes, alphabetized folders, apps, and highlighters are good examples of tools that can help you stay organized.

Time management:-

Organizational and time management skills go hand in hand like peanut butter and jelly. A system that organizes your tasks will only be efficient if you know how to manage your time properly. If you are working as an accountant, you must be able to prioritize urgent tasks and multitask in order to have things done on time. The ability to manage competing priorities and meet deadlines will not only impress your clients and co-workers but also help you create and maintain a healthy and productive working environment.


As an accountant, you must be able to embrace change and adapt quickly. In addition to providing excellent services to the company and the clients, being flexible helps you to grow. You will see new challenges as an opportunity to test your skills and learn something new. Similarly, you need to be proactive to know when changes happen. That way, you will be able to stay on top of things and provide solutions before issues escalate to something that cannot be resolved.


Regardless of which company you are working for or what your position entails, you must be able to communicate effectively. Strong communication skills will enable you to secure a good job, work as a team with the rest of the employees, and interact effectively with your clients. Not only that; if you are able to communicate properly both in person and in writing, it will be very easy for you to network and expand your client base. Whether you are attending a corporate function or just welcoming a new employee to the company, the ability tocommunicate assertively will help you to establish profitable and healthy working relationships. It will also serve you well if you are trying to make a good first impression.


Openness and integrity are some of the most highly values skills in accounting. You must adhere to your organization’s ethical standards, as this is how the company knows that it can trust you. Being honest when giving advice or making decisions improves your working relationships, makes teamwork easier, and fosters a collaborative and respectful environment. 


Last, yet importantly, you must know how to teach and mentor others. You must have the ability to balance between being the person in charge and a role model, while still making yourself available and approachable by the people who look up to you. If you don’t know how to become a good leader at work, then a career in accounting is not the path for you. Being an accountant calls for confidence, ability to delegate, and patience. You must have these traits to succeed in your career. Leadership skills in accounting will also include long-term planning and strategic thinking, which means, you should be able to provide business advice and solutions to help improve the company’s productivity and operations. Clients also want to know that you are working toward improving both their present and their future.

Back to the basics

Now that you know whatcareer path you can take with a degree in accounting, the next question is, how do you get there? How do you achieve your dream of becoming a prominent accounting manager in the future? It’s simple; start by working hard in school so you can score good grades. One way to push your grades to the top is to make sure that your accounting assignments are done excellently. But this being a complex subject, many students may not be able to submit papers that meet their assessors’ expectations. They are either not able to come up with a good topic for their assignments or there is just not enough time to do the assignments.
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