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Table Of Contents
  • UML and sequence diagrams 

UML and sequence diagrams 

  1. Use Violet and the concepts of abstract classes, interfaces, inheritance, and aggregation to represent all of the information below.
  • All vehicles have methods forward, reverse, left, right.
  • Cars, vans, and trucks are vehicles. Boats and ships are vehicles, but they move and turn in a different way from other vehicles.
  • A truck has methods load, unload.
  • An ambulance is a van that can run red lights.
  • A parking lot holds motor vehicles.
  1. Create a sequence diagram for pizza delivery, showing objects student, order taker, chef, and driver.
Your diagram should cover the time from phone call to box recycle. Make sure your activation bars reflect the process correctly, i.e. a student is not busy the entire process. Pizza delivery objects:
  • student
  • order taker
  • chef
  • driver
  1. Submit your two Violet files and a screenshot of each (why?) to Canvas.