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Things students can do to improve their memory.

Having a good memory in college is vital in achieving the grades you have always wanted to achieve. If you want to improve your memory, below are some tips which you can use.

How students can improve their memory 

We all got those moments when we completely forget stuff. Such moments are frequent in studentstoo. You are in an exam room waiting for an exam, you are confident you are going to scoop giant grades because you spent the whole night studying but once you receive your question paper, everything goes blank. Other times you want to start working on your assignment but you can’t remember the instructions given by your professor. Sometimes such situations present themselves due to panic and anxiety but many are the times when it is just normal forgetfulness. Having a poor memory is frustrating. If you are a student looking to reduce memory loss, here are 5 proven ways to improve memory that can help you to think quickly whenever you need to remember something.

1. Cut your sugar intake

As much as everyone loves sweet things, added sugar has been associated with many health problems. Studies have shown that eating too much sugar can put you at a risk of memory loss and reduced brain function. Reducing the amount of sugar you consume will help boost your memory and improve your overall health.

2. Consume fish oil supplements

Fish oil is known to contain omega 3 fatty acids that have been shown to slow mental decline, relief anxiety and stress, reduce inflammation, and lower the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Many researches have shown that eating fish and consuming foods that have fish oil supplements can improve memory.

3. Keep fit

One of the best ways to stay fit and healthy is to maintain a healthy body weight. This will keep your brain in good working condition. Obesity causes the genes associated with memory in the brain, which negatively affects memory. Exerciseregularly so you can keep your body weight in check. If you have noticed signs of obesity, make your workout more intense to shed excess weight and boost your memory. A 30 minutes morning jog can be a great place to get started. To add some resistance to the exercise, run in intervals. If you have a weighted vest, strap it on. You will be surprise how refreshed you will feel when attending those programming classes and how good you will be at remembering various algorithms.

4. Get enough sleep

Did you know that not sleeping properly could be the reason why you are experiencing poor memory? Sleep is known to consolidate memory. When you have enough hours of sleep, short-term memories are rejuvenated and changed to long-lasting ones. If you have an exam early in the morning, for instance, it would be nice to have enough sleep that spending the entire night cramming. This will refresh your brain and help you remember things you had studied earlier. For optimal health, health experts advise that adults should get between 8 and 9 hour of sleep every night.

5. Play brain games

Mind games are fun to play. It is an enjoyable way topass time with your peers and one of the proven ways to boost your memory. The most popular brain training games are Tetris, crosswords, chess, and scrabble. Today, we even have mobile apps designed for memory training. Play these instead of wasting your free time on social media and you will improve your memory remarkably.
There you have it; 5 best memory boosting tips. Eat right, exercise more, train your brain and get enough sleep. But if you have followed all these and you still find yourself forgetting important stuff like doing your assignments, there is always a plan B – have someone do your school projects for you. We provide college homework help services to students who are not able to do their assignments due to various reasons. We do the projects for you and explain all the concepts in detail for you to understand. If you need any assistance in assignment writing, just upload your requirements and our experts will provide you with the assistance and guidance you seek.