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Things college students can do during holidays

In colleges, there are many breaks. However, having been used to friends in college, during holidays, one can get bored. This is especially when you have no friends near you. However, your holidays should not be boring. Below are some things that students can do during the school holidays.

Creative ways to spend your school holiday

So you are already done with your exams and the long holiday is finally here. You have been used to a specific routine – waking up in the morning, having breakfast, attending classes, going to the library, revising for exams, doing assignments, and hanging out with a few friend later in the day. With all the free time at your disposal right now, you are probably wondering, “How the heck am I going to spend all this leisure time? What can I do to get the day moving?” Of course, there are plenty of movies to catch up with, games to play, and lots of friends to spend time with but also there many things to do during school holidays that can make you more productive. As such, we have compiled a comprehensive list of creative ways through which you can spend this time in order to stay focused in your academics and continue shaping your career path. Let’s dive right in!

1. Reflect on your performance

Grab a piece of paper and write down all what you have achieved lasts semester. Think about the subjects you performed well and those that you didn’t score so great. What did you do differently that you were able to do well in these subjects? Is it that you spend more time on them than those that you didn’t hit your target mark? Do you think there is a technique that you can apply to boost the grades of the poorly performed subjects? Answer these questions so that you can determine what you need to do differently in the following semester.

2. Determine what you want to achieve in the coming semester

What do you want to attain in the coming semester? Do you want to perform better than you did last semester? Do you plan to take new courses? Or you want to beef up your time management skills? Knowing exactly what you want to achieve will helpyou set realistic goals and strategies to attaining them. As you have plenty of time to think, you will be able to research the most effective strategies for achieving your specific goals.

3. Watch educational videos

We are not saying that you should not catch up with your favorite TV shows. Absolutely not! However, make sure to balance these with educational videos too. There are plenty of these on YouTube that can give you a good grip of the course you are studying. You can also watch documentaries on things you have been studying in campus. Whether, your holiday is two months long or just a few weeks, make sure to use your video watching moments for something constructive.

4. Apply for jobs

This is one of the best things college students can do over holiday breaks. And don’t worry if the job is not paying too well. The most important thing is that you will gain experience and you will have something to add to your CV. Look for jobs for whatyou have learnt so that you can hone your skills in the same. It is also the most effective way to learnhow to transition from student to employee. The best learning experience will probably be from that low paying job or internship. Even when you resume school, you will understand things better because youhave already applied most of the concepts in real life.

5. Learn new languages

If you love linguistics, you may want to check out a few websites that give free lessons on different languages. Good examples are Babbel, Duolingo, and BBC Languages. You can set aside 20 or 30 minutes a day to learn a new language depending on how much free time you have.

6. Update your CV

If you are almost graduating, it is important thatyou seriously think aboutyour career. Find out what organizations are looking for in a person who has pursued the same course as you and update your resume accordingly. The coming semester may be a busy one and youmay not have enough time to do all these things. If you have acquired new experience, jobs, or internships, add this to your resume so that you can look professional when you step out of college and start applying for jobs.

7. Improve your healthy

You will probably not get holidays this long again so apart from focusing on your career goals take time to take care of yourself too. This is the greatest opportunity to eat healthily, sleep well, and do regular workouts. You have more free time and so you have excuse for not hitting the gym, sleeping only for a few hours or eating junk.

8. Clear your doubts

Holiday breaks are one of those best times to clear you doubts on things. If your friend mentioned this kickass spot in town where they give free milkshakes, research about it. Perhaps you study buddy suggested a new method of study that gets you grasping things quickly or mentioned this amazing website that provides college homework help at a good price. This is a good chance to research about these things to see if they are worth your time or not.

9. Reconnect with your family and friends

If you live in campus, it is obvious that you rarely get to see your family and even if you commute, sometimes you may have such a tight schedule that you don’t even have the time to hang out with your friends as often as you would like. Your holiday break is the perfect time to be with your family and friends. Plan a family gathering or just a sit up to reconnect with the people you love. Know what everyone has been up to. If a family member is going through a sticky situation, encourage them and let them feel you are there for them. Catch up with those friends whom you haven’t contacted for a while and find out what has been going on in their lives. Do things you used to do together before you separated. You may not be able to see each other until next holiday so make sure to make the most out of this moment.

10. Visit the nearby college

They say, “A person who doesn’t visit new places always thinks that their mother’s food is the best.” Same case, if you are only confined to your college, you willnever know what goes on outside there. Perhaps they offer more modules in their programs, may be their semesters are shorter than yours are. Did we mention better resources? It is always wise to find out what goes in the college or university near you. If possible, make new friends from there. You never know when you may need a research material that is crucial for your project and this new buddy is the only person who has it. You may even find a course that interests you that is not offered in your college and decide to take it part time.

11. Start a business

Do you have a talent that you feel could add a few bucks to your savings? This is the perfect time to utilize it. May be you love cooking. You can bake a few munchies and sell to your friends. Perhaps your passion is in fashion design; you can find out ways to start your own cloth line. You have plenty of time at your disposal to utilize your natural aptitude and probably make money out of it. Make sure to get the best out of it.

12. Volunteer

Participate in community work. This will help you grow your interests, meet new people, and have something to add on your resume and portfolio. It is an added advantage to your personal development, not to mention community enhancement. You can do this through taking up social activities like environmental clean up, leadership, or even mentorship. This is also a good time to give back to the community. Look for a cause that you really care about and find out ways to support it.

13. Fix or build something

Is your computer broken but can’t find someone to fix it for you? Does the air conditioner in your room need a replacement? Do you think you need a new desk in your study room? You can fix or build these by yourself instead of paying someone to do it. Thanks to the internet, we have tutorial on YouTube that can give you the guidance you need to get started. You will learn something new in everything you do and the skills you learn from fixing your computer or building a desk from scratch will come in handy at some point in your life.