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The Definitive Biotechnology Assignment Help Service

Biotechnology basically refers to the application of biological systems in technology. In this field of study, biological systems, living organisms, or derivatives thereof have been manipulated technologically to come up with products or processes for specific uses. The term encompasses a wide range of procedures and techniques which covers from traditional and culinary techniques to high-end modern day laboratory procedures.

This is indeed a indeed a wide field of study and a student, you often will find yourself in tight spots with assignments. Being both a scientific and technical field, much research will be needed from the students end in solving these assignments. This, however, has proven to be very frustrating and time consuming for a majority of students in this discipline and that is why you need assignment help.

We at Theassignmenthelper.com have over 5 years experience helping biotech students and professionals get their assignments/projects done in a quality and timely manner. Our Biotechnology assignment help service covers all levels of study; undergraduate, graduate and PhD. We also offer expert biotechnology project help for working professionals who need help with some portion of the work.

Our Biotechnology homework help services vastly covers all the areas of the study. Some of which include:


DNA cloning and Recombinant DNA

Restriction Enzymes and DNA ligase

Bacterial transformation and selection


Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR)

Gel Electrophoresis

DNA sequencing


Embryonic stem cells



Molecular Biology

Vector Biology and Gene manipulation

Animal Biotechnology

Analytical Techniques

Plant Biotechnology

Medical Biotechnology

Mass Transfer

Mass Transfer laboratory


Protein Engineering

Genomics and Proteomics


Bioseparation Technology

These are just some if the areas of biotechnology that we have offered assignment help in. Being such a vast field of study, we really can’t list all the topics due to space limitation. You don’t have to worry however if you don’t see the topic you are interested in among the above. We still got you covered.

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