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Get help with statistics dissertation topics and boost your grades

It’s a no brainer – any subject that involves use of mathematics often instills fear in students not only in studying it but also in completing its assignments. Students then look for statistics assignment help. Really, no student wants to solve a statistical problem simply because it demands too much effort and in most cases, the concepts one has to cover are too complicated. Things even get more complicated when one has to come up with topics for statistics dissertation. As we all know a statisticsassignmentdoesn’t require creative writing or giving stories that happened in the 19th centuries. It involves facts, figures, and as if that’s not enough, these have to be expressed in a precise and clear manner that engages the reader. This makes statistics dissertation writing even more challenging because you need to choose a topic that can be represented properly in numbers and at the same time follow a logic structure that will help your professor understand what you are talking about.

You begin your statistics dissertation with a facts based and thought provoking introduction that not only captures the reader but also explains the idea behind your research. From here, you will need to explain the research methods you used while collecting data, commonly known as the research methodology. Also, you are required to mention the various experiments you conducted while gathering data. All your findings should be presented with charts, graphs, tables, and any other visual diagram to allow the reader to understand the analysis better.

Choosing the ideal topic for your statistics dissertation

The ability to select the best topic for your stats paper is an important skill because if you don’t have a good and interesting topic, you may not be able to score good grades. So spend enough time in researching an intriguing topic so that whatever you write is worthy every read. Look though sample dissertations assigned before by your lecturer. Discuss your topic with your professor or other students in your discussion groups. That way you will gather different views and maybe even find something new to write about.

One important tip to remember though is that when brainstorming potential topics and ideas, think about the data you will analyze. Some topics are just too shallow that you may not even know what data you are supposed to collect. So thinking about this carefully beforehand will save you the trouble of considering irrelevant topics.

If you come across a topic that has data sets already, consider it and spend the time you would have used to collect data for something important like analysis. But just make sure that whatever data you come across is verified, factual, and the most recent. Therefore, the source of your data must be as authentic as possible.

Dissertation topics in statistics and probability

The Assignment Helper has put together some statistics dissertation topics and ideas for you to make your title searching process easy. We have picked these from reputed sources to make sure that they have enough resources for research. Just take a look and choose the one that impresses you the most.

  1. Determine which genes discriminate between healthy and diseased patients
  2. Model infectious diseases and identify localized outbreaks
  3. Use exit poll data to predict the outcome of an election
  4. Use Bayesian networks to study key interventions into terrorism
  5. Show how invariant statistics examine evidence from fingerprints pores
  6. Explain the principle and applications of Markov methods
  7. Show how Bayesian model is relevant in biostatistics
  8. Evaluate the connection between shrinkage estimation and loss estimation technique
Ideally, these topics are meant to give you an idea on some of the applications of statistics in the real world. By now, you probably know that any subject that addresses real life problems is a plus and will give you better grades than any random topic. If you settle on any of the above topics, just narrow it down to something more specific and easier to write about. Then get relevant data and present your findings in the simplest way possible. This is all you need to impress your assessor and garner those grades that only seemed like a dream to you.

Use the right statistics dissertation writing format

Sometimes, students don’t fail in stats assignments because they were not able to come up with a good topic. Rather some just don’t know what format and structure they are supposed to follow when drafting the paper. If you have chosen your stats dissertation topic ad don’t know what guidelines to follow, it would be wise to look at other stats projects that have been done before in order to have a clue of how you are supposed to go about it. However, a typical statistics dissertation paper follows the following format:
  • Easy to read font: Unless otherwise, use a standard font that is easy to read. Fonts like Aerial and Times New Roman written in 12pt could be a great place to get started. Use margins properly and if you are having any diagrams, make sure that they are not hanging over the margins. If not, you will have problems when you start printing your paper. Also, do not use double spacing unless it is specified in the instructions.
  • Appropriate referencing style: Different assignments require different citation format. Use the style that is most common in dissertation writing. If you are stuck,do not hesitate to contact our statistics dissertation helpers.
  • Cover page: This has the title for your assignment. It also includes your name and anyone else who has contributed to the research. A cover page also plays an important role in your paper’s presentation as it enhances its overall packaging. Always has a cover page even if it is not specified on the instructions. It will add more value and if your academic paper is lengthy, the cover page is the best place to stash a table of contents for easier perusal.
  • Header sections:Depending on what your project is going to be used for, having headings swill make reading easier. Organizing your paper in headings will be much helpful especially if the reader wants to go through the sections quickly. Make sure that your headings are bolded and justified so that they appear different from the rest of the text. You can use H1 for main topics and H2 for any topic that comes below H1. You may choose to change the font color or center align so that they are clear to see as possible.
  • Proofreading and editing: Any academic document must be error free and the best way to ensure this is by proofreading your work before submission. Many students skip this important step of dissertation writing process only to end up losing substantial marks. To be in the good books of your professor, make sure to reread your document and rectify any errors before sending it in for marking. Check to see whether all areas are referenced properly. Fix any typing, grammatical, and spelling errors. Once you are done, have a friend read the whole document again just to be sure everything is in order.
  • Print preview: There is nothing more frustrating than printing a more than 50 pages document only to realize that some content is out of the margins or diagrams have overlapped the text. That is why it is important to use the print preview feature to make sure that everything is aligned, as it should. Inspect the margins to see if there is too little or too much white space and fix it accordingly. Viewing your document before printing gives you an opportunity to rectify any mistakes in formatting and alignment to make sure that the final print looks great.
If you are stuck with your statistics dissertation because you cannot figure out a good topic, you can use the suggestions listed above or have our experts help you in the same. Allow us to make your college life easier by providing you with quality statistics dissertation help.