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Before we get into details of the subject, we need to know exactly what the term “Science” means. According to our science academic writing experts, science is the study of everything around us, including living and non-living things. The term “science” was derived from “Scientia”, a Latin word that means knowledge. Thus, science helps us to acquire knowledge about the environment around us.
Science is a wide academic discipline. There are many fields that students have to cover under this area in order to succeed in their career as scientists. Being a complex subject, the students often struggle with their academic documents and many of them drop out of the science class because they have no one to provide help with science homework. If you are one of those students who are losing hope in the subject because they cannot figure out a way to do their homework, sit back and relax because we are here to help you. We have highly experienced science experts to provide you with reliable science homework help at a very affordable price. These professionals will draft the assignment for you in a logical manner explaining all the topics in question so that you can start understanding the subject better and get the grades you have always wanted. So whatever area is giving you trouble or however complex the topic is, our science assignment helpers will provide you with an in-depth solution that will guide you through solving similar assignments comfortably in the future. Our objective is not to provide you with answers to your assignment. Rather, we want to give you a comprehensive solution that will help you learn and understand the specific branch of science from which your assignment has been derived.
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Areas of science as explained by our academic writing experts
Science can be classified into three main branches namely:

  • Natural science: This branch of science studies the natural phenomena. It observes the natural environment and provides evidence that is used to predict its behavior. Natural science can further be subdivided into life science and physical science. The subjects covered under life science include human biology, botany, and zoology. Under physical science, the subjects covered include physics, chemistry, meteorology, oceanography, and ecology.
  • Social science: This branch deals with the society and how individual members of the society relate and interact with each other in their daily lives. Some of the subjects covered in this area include political science, linguistics, history, economics, geography, philosophy, and law.
  • Formal science: This branch of science studies the various science theories and how they relate to the normal environment. Some of the areas covered here include mathematics, theoretical computer science, system theory, statistics, and decision theory.
  • Let’s look in to detail all of the areas studied under the three branches of science.

  • Natural Science

  • Chemistry: Studies the chemical elements of an object and explains the composition, behavior, and stability of the compounds contained in that object.
  • Physics: One of the largest and most studied areas of science that explain the behavior of matter in time and space.
  • Biology: Studies the nature of living things ranging from human beings, animals, and plants. It is simply concerned with the flora and fauna.
  • Botany: This is the study of the physiology and anatomy of plants.
  • Zoology: The study of animals including their way of life and how they are classified in the taxonomy unit.
  • Ecology: This branch studies the entire ecosystem. It explains how living things relate with natural bodies like forests, rivers, mountains, oceans, etc.
  • Astronomy: It is the study of the space including the stars, the sun, the moon, and other planets. This branch is further subdivided into solar science, exoplanetology, and astrophysics.
  • Medicine: Studies the treatment and diagnosis of bodily disorders and diseases.
  • Oceanology: It studies the oceans including the aquatic and marine life present in ocean water bodies.
  • Meteorology: This is simply the study of weather. It is concerned with the physical parameters like pressure, humidity, wind, etc., that affect the climate and the entire environment.
  • Geology: It studies the natural events that occur beneath the earth’s surface.

Social Science

  • Economics: It is the study of the markets and consumers and how these two affect the entire economy of a region or country.
  • Anthropology: Studies how human beings behave in a social setting and how this behavior has evolved from the past to present.
  • Linguistics: It is the study of the various languages used to communicate from one person to the other.
  • Law: The study of the rules that govern the moral integrity of human beings or citizens of a certain country.
  • Sociology: The study of culture, interpersonal behavior, and social interactions between groups of people in a social community.
  • Psychology: This branch of science simply studies and analyzes how human beings think and behave.
  • Political science: It studies the government and how it carries out its political functions on a daily basis.

  • Formal Science

  • Information technology: The study of how human beings use computers to process, share, send, or receive information.
  • Mathematics: This is simply the study of numbers, functions, and formulas used to perform statistical operations.
  • Statistics: It is the study of how mathematical patterns can be used to analyze data and predict an outcome of a phenomenon.
  • All the science assignments issued to students are often drafted from the above branches of scienceand are meant to test the students understanding of various science concepts and their applications in the real world.
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