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Change Management

Change management is a discipline in project management. It is often applied to boost the chances of the project succeeding and return on investment. Change management aims to improve the organization by altering its operations. A change in the organization usually targets systems, structure, job roles, and processes. Change management employs tools within to carry out successful transitions that will lead to the organization attaining its objective.


Leadership is vital in project management because it is the leaders who determine the success or failure of a project. Project managers are tasked with making informed decisions about the project. Leadership skills such as planning, vision sharing, proper communication, and honest make up a great project manager. The person in charge of leading the project should communicate in clear terms the vision, objectives, and guidelines of the task to the others.

Earned Value Management

Earned value management is a technique used in project management to merge the scope, cost, and schedule of a project. These are the three components of a project's performance. EVM is based on the allotting and earning value concept. In other words, the project manager assigns a value to each of the activities associated with the project. This value is the amount of money from the budget that has been allocated for those activities. The value will be considered as earned when the said activities have been completed successfully.

Resource Management

Resource management helps in planning and scheduling the work activities of the project. It makes the whole process of project management effective through planning, organizing, and allocating the resources of the organization. Resource management aims to effectively use the resources available to achieve the project's objectives. Resources that an organization can manage include finances, staff, equipment, buildings, and rooms, technology, etc. Proper resource management maximizes your performance by ensuring that assets are used to the optimum.

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