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Difference between scripting languages and programminglanguages

There are various differences between a scripting language and a programming language. Our PHP homework help experts look at a few to help you understand what the language entails. Let’s get started!
  • Scripting languages are mostly used to perform routine tasks while programming languages come packed with all the features that programmers need to develop web applications.
  • Code written in PHP is executed without compiling while code developed using programming languages need a compiler to translate it to machine readable form.
  • Scripting languages are embedded into other software development environments while programming languages neednot to be embedded into other environments
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Uses of PHP as explained by our experts

There is an abundance of programming languages out there and you may be wondering why programmers still need PHP in their career. Well there might be some compelling reasons for this. For instance:
  • The language is open source, free, and has a shorter learning curve than other programming languages like SPS and JSP.
  • There are many web hosting servers that support PHP by default, so PHP is actuallya cost-effective choice compared to other languages
  • PHP is updated regularly to stay current with the latest changes in technology
  • PHP is a server side language, which means you don’t need to install it on client computers. As long as it is installed on the server, all what the rest of the computers need is a web browser.

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