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An operating system or simply, OS is software that allows users to run or execute other applications and programs on a computer. It manages and controls hardware and other program on a computer to ensure that they communicate effectively with each other. Every computer and computer-like device requires an operating system, including your desktop, tablet, laptop, router, smartphone, and smart watch. Examples of operating systems that run in these devices include:
  • Microsoft Windows
  • Apple’s macOS (previously known as OS X)
  • Chrome OS
  • BlackBerry Tablet OS
  • Linux
  • Apple’s iOS
  • Google’s Android
If you are taking a computer class, operating system is one of the topics you will be covering and most likely, you will touch on all the areas mentioned above. Many college students have been seeking online operating system assignment help to have the different types of OS explained by an expert and also hire a professional for their homework preparation.
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The functions of operating system explained by our experts

There are several functions that an operating system carries out in a computer. Here are the most important as stated by our operating system project help experts:
  • Allowing users to operate a computer in a convenient and efficient manner
  • Hiding details of certain hardware resources from the computer users
  • Providing users with a reliable graphical user interface to operate the computer
  • Connecting the hardware with its users, making it easy for them to use and access various resources
  • Managing resources and software of a computer system
  • Keeping track of how resources are being utilized and granting access to resources
  • Providing a fair a deficient sharing of resources among programs and users

Under the above functions, students studying operating system will have to cover various topics such as:

  • Multiprogramming and multitasking
  • Deadlock detection
  • Disk management and file allocation algorithms
  • Threads, processes, and synchronization
  • Contiguous storage allocation
  • Hardware context switching and software context switching
  • CPU scheduling
  • Maximum CPU utilization
  • Networking systems
  • Networking protocol
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