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Formal Mentoring

Formal mentoring is the most widely used type of mentoring. The mentors and those being mentored organize frequent face-to-face meetings over a long period. Formal mentoring is preferred to other types of mentoring because it is well-structured and highly organized by the people managing the program. Before entering into a mentorship program, mentees usually have goals they want to achieve. Mentor matching is often used to optimize the matches of the mentors and the mentees.

Informal Mentoring

Unlike formal mentoring, informal mentoring is simple and flexible. The mentees may or may not have goals. Also, this type of mentorship program is shorter. The sessions may be one or two. Informal mentoring is when a mentee is seeking particular assistance in a certain area and contracts a short-term mentor. While informal mentoring is self-directed and driven by the mentee, it should not be used as a replacement for formal mentoring. Both formal and informal mentoring enhances each other.

Standards of Conduct

Standards of conduct refer to the ethical guidelines that protect the mentor and the mentee. Mentoring has its own share of issues and dilemmas. Sometimes it might be extremely difficult to have a clear-cut sense or obvious solution to problems. A standard of conduct outlines rules that guide the relationship between the mentoring pairs.

Types of Mentoring

There are three known types of mentoring. We have discussed them below:

Traditional one-on-one mentoring

In this type of mentoring, the relationship between the mentor and the mentee is initiated through a program or an agreement between them.

Distance mentoring

Distance mentoring is sometimes referred to as virtual mentoring.

Group mentoring

 A group mentoring matches one mentor with a cohort of mentees. The mentor directs everything from activities to the progress of the program.

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