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Dissertation topics to help you write your media paper like a pro

If you are pursuing media and communication in college or university, there are very high chances that you will be doing a lot of assignments especially those that require high level of research like dissertations. Therefore it is important that you learn the art to finding the appropriate topic so that you can deliver an academic paper that gives you decent grading.

The secret to hacking media dissertation topic selection is picking a subject that interests you the most and one that has plenty of resources for research. Unfortunately,not every topic that blows your mind is easy to discuss or write about. The problem even gets worse when one doesn’t have enough material for research. Other times the topic itself doesn’t have enough content making it hard to meet the specified word count.

To solve this problem for you, experts at The Assignment Helper have gone that extra mile to develop free media dissertation topics that are easy enough to research and have plenty of material both online and offline. Our aim is to help you achieve your academic goals and write the best possible academic paper and if giving you a bunch of trendy topics will make this happen, then we are down to it.

How to get the right media dissertation topic

If you want to rig dissertation topic selection, then one thing that ill work for you is to do a lot of research. Find out what other students like you have written in the past, what was their argument, and what conclusion they drew from their findings. That way you will have a clue of whether a topic has enough research resources or not. Here are more tips to choosing a good media dissertation topic:

  • Find a wide topic: Think of several subjects you would love to talk about and list them down on a piece of paper. Out of the list, choose the one that looks the most interesting and break it down into smaller topics that relate to it. If the topic you have set your eyes on is controversial, choose a certain perspective that you will use to develop your media dissertation paper. While at it, do a lot of research to find other views related to your own, as this will enable you to expand your knowledge of the topic and make your media dissertation writing much easier.
  • Gather enough resources for research: Internet has made everything quite easy. You can just use a computer to search the topics you have jotted down in order to see which one has been researched widely. Read websites, blogs, articles, books and journals to find out if the topics has enough published material. You can even take advantage of magazine articles, as these are much shorter than most of the publications and more updated than books. Having this information handy will help you decide if the topic you have chosen is worth writing about and whether fit has what it takes to be considered an authentic media dissertation topic.
  • Do in-depth analysis: Once you have narrowed the topic down to something you like, think about why you have chosen this topic in particular. Why does it stand out from the rest of the topics on your list? Maybe it has more data than the rest so it will be easier for you to collect material for research? Or there is nothing known about it and you feel that you stand a better chance to explore it and make a discovery? Doing an analysis of your reasons helps you understand your topic better and could be all you need to make an informed decision.
  • Be aware of copyrights: When writing your media dissertation paper, you will be required to provide facts in form of diagrams, pictures, and any other illustrations that can help the reader understand the content better. As such, when selecting your topic, make sure you have permission to use other peoples’ materials. Do not use any resource that has been copyrighted without the owner’s consent, as this would get you into trouble.

  • Amazing topics for media and communication dissertation paper

  • Check out some of the topics prepared by our media dissertation helpers to get some inspiration on what to write about. They may not be the most talked about out there but hopefully they will give you an idea of how a dissertation title should be about. So let’s get started!
  • Describe the birth of media. How has freedom of speech impacted media and communication?
  • Study the history of communication and the role it plays in modern business advertising.
  • Are scandals the easiest way to get famous? Discuss the most recent scandals of three Hollywood celebrities.
  • Newspapers are still important in this internet age. Explain why.
  • Do you think TV channels should censor violence clips when airing news or other public viewing coverage?
  • What role do media play in influencing the public to support particular political parties?
  • Social media has been a huge contributor to today’s young adults and teenagers’ behavior. Explain.
  • Do you think that social networking sites are violating the basic human right to privacy?
  • New innovative media channels have caused the traditional radio to lose its value and charm. Discuss.
  • Explain why parents need to supervise their kids while watching content on TV these days.
  • Social networking and communication mediums can be used to improve a company’s efficiency. Explain.
  • Do you think a business can increase its sales through Google ads and mass advertisements?
  • Are roadside billboards effective in promoting facts about a certain product? Do you think some of these billboards are overrated?
  • How has media influenced people dressing and living style? Do you think something should be done about it?
  • Do the news TV stations always tell the truth or just what we want to hear? Support your argument with a recent story.
There you have it. 15 media dissertation topics to think about. If you are still having trouble finding something to write about, these will help you get started. Just choose the one you find the most pleasing, make sure to collect all the material relevant for research and carry on with your media dissertation writing task. If time is not in your hands and want to submit your paper on time, contact us right away and we will do the assignment on your behalf and send it to you before the deadline.

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