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Marketing is one of the widely pursued courses in Australia, the UK, and the USA among other countries. If you are looking to carve a successful career path in this domain, you need a reliable marketing assignment helper to assist you. Marketing homework and projects can be a stumbling block on your academic career path. For over a decade, Theassignmenthelper has been at the forefront in making sure that marketing students submit award-winning papers. If you avail of our superior-quality marketing homework help, you are guaranteed solutions that are framed as per your instructions.

B2B Marketing

Business to business (B2B) marketing involves the selling of goods and services to other companies, organizations, and businesses. This type of marketing is quite different from B2C which targets consumers. We can say that business-to-business marketing is information-oriented and far straightforward than business-to-consumer marketing. This is because the primary focus of businesses is a return on investment.


Advertising is a platform used by businesses to communicate their products and services to consumers and potential users. Businesses often use any media available media to pass their messages across. Some of the common media platforms used for advertisement include social media, television and radio, print, sponsorship, direct selling. Today, the advertising industry consists of companies that create advertising content, agencies that want their products and services marketed, the platform that relays the advert, and other entities.

Google Analytics

Data is the bloodline of most companies. Google Analytics provides companies with resourceful information that they can use to shape their marketing strategy. It is a tool that allows you to know who visited your business website, how they reached your website, and the pages they spent most time or visited frequently. Businesses use Google analytics to uncover a vast amount of data that they didn't know about. Google analytics' backend consists of a dashboard, audience, shortcuts, behavior, intelligence events, and acquisition.

Experiential Marketing

Experiential marketing, sometimes referred to as live marketing, is a technique that uses experiences from brands to engage consumers. Experiential marketing aims to leave a lasting experience or impact on the users of a product or service. The experience is supposed to inspire the consumer to share what they think of the product with their mates.

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