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Constitutional Law

A constitution is a set of written rules, doctrines that guide operations in a political community. Today, modern political communities are known as states or countries. Nations have fundamental rights for individuals that must be protected. A constitution spells out the rights and responsibilities of both the government and its agencies, and the citizens. Constitutional laws outline procedures for creating new rules and regulations.

Property Law

Property laws are the policies and principles that determine how property disputes are resolved. These type of laws handles the relationship between individuals in a society and tangible assets like stocks and bonds, land, bank accounts, companies, etc. Property law also has a provision for the family structure of the state it is found. Also, it caters to the politics of the society since it is also involved with other fundamental issues such as the economy of the country.

Intellectual Property Laws

Intellectual property laws are created to uphold the rights of creators and inventors. Intellectual properties may include music, writings, architectural designs, etc. Areas covered by intellectual property laws include trademarks, copyrights, secrets of trade, and patents. These laws can be divided into three broad segments. Counselling, protection, and enforcement.

Environmental Laws

Environmental laws are directives and policies that are enacted to protect the environment. These laws are vast and cover a wide range of topics. For example in the United States, we have state bottle-return laws, Germany has the regulatory standards for coal emission from power plants, and China also created the "Green Great-Wall" to protect Beijing from sandstorms. Environmental laws are universally recognized. They are encompassed under an independent field that safeguards nature and human health.

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