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Top dissertation topics and ideas

Deciding on an IT dissertation topic is usually the first step toward preparing your paper. Choosing a topic on your own could be difficult but it saves you a lot of time than waiting for your professor to do it for you. It is also the best way to ensure that you write about something you like. That means you are able to get the best materials for research, gather relevant information, and draft the task at your own pace.

However, a dissertation topic for IT can be difficult to choose because first, the subject is very broad, and second, its concepts are very complex. If you are going to select the topic for IT dissertation, you need to make sure it is something that interests you and you perfectly understand the basics. Only then you will be able to produce a highly quality paper that fetches you good grades.

Why selecting IT dissertation topics is difficult for students

When deciding on the topic for your IT dissertation, sometimes the process gets quite troublesome because as we all know the subject is very wide. There is just so much that a student can write about. Even then, some topics are not all that interesting to write about and since students still want to please their assessors, they keep perusing over hundreds of topics and by the time they realize it, there is almost no time to do the dissertation. Some end up writing it just for the sake of it while others decide not to do it completely. Here are more reasonswhy students face challenges deciding on IT dissertation topics:

  • The selected topic could be too wide and students may feel like they may not compete it on time
  • Narrowing the topic down to a specific area could be tough as there is a lot of important information that could be left out in the process
  • Students sometimes start searching the topics when it’s too late so they feel that there is not enough time to draft the assignment
  • Sometimes students are not sure whether the selected topic will impress the professor or not
  • The student may not have all the resources needed to research the selected topic
There are a thousand more reasons why a student may face difficulties when coming up with a topic for IT dissertation. Seeking help in dissertation writing from an expert therefore becomes imperative because a professional will provide the best guidance on how to go about selecting the topic and even better, how to draft the paper. The Assignment Helper has been home for such experts for a long time and has been guiding students on how to select the best topic for their dissertations, essays, theses, and all other types of assignments. We have a qualified team of experts who do this wholeheartedly so that students can write and submit their papers with confidence. So don’t panic if you don’t know what you going to write about because you are at the right place and we are going to help you come up with a decent topic that will be approved by your reviewer and garner you amazing grades. To get assisted, just contact us through our live chat or shoot us an email and we will get back to you in a blink. If these two do not work for you, give us a call and you will get the help you deserve.

Topic ideas for your IT dissertation

IT has quite a number of fields that a student can explore and write a perfect dissertation. However, our experts have made the search easier for you by providing you with topic ideas that you can use to write your dissertation. Take a look at the following:


This field of IT involves the use of hardware and software for easier running of an enterprise. Some of the topics suggested by our dissertation writers include:

  • Analyzing the difference between traditional and modern technology and how computer hardware and software has evolved in general
  • How IT helps businesses achieve their goals
  • A study of the technology used in indexing and parsing databases
  • How business simulation tools are used to simplify the decision making process in an organization
  • How information retrieval systems are used in the management of records

  • Security, networking, and mobile data

  • As technology continues to evolve, security is becoming a big issue and it is the responsibility of every IT expert to ensure that data and information is exchanged safely regardless of where it is sent or received from. Here are some topics worth considering while writing your IT dissertation in regards to security issues:

  1. Intrusion detection systems and how they relate with the 4G networks
  2. A study of programsthat provide network security
  3. An overview of various approaches used in the development of ICT systems
  4. How routers can be used as a loophole to your network despite providing a reliable WI-FI environment
  5. A comprehensive comparison of Ethernet LANs and VoIP

Programming and algorithm

Programming is an important part of IT as it determines how strong or weak your software will be. There are quite a number of topics a student can discuss in this area. Here are a few to get you started:

  1. How optimal algorithm is used in the generation of clusters
  2. The role of heuristic algorithm in computer theories
  3. Comparative analysis of heuristic algorithm and optimal algorithm
  4. How effective fault tolerant routing is in ensuring smooth flow of business processes
  5. The role of improvement modules in the open web architecture
  6. The effectiveness of modular data sterilization

Information systems

An information system can be defined as a collection of networks, people, and systems that work together to ensure that information is exchanged efficiently and safely. Some of the topics worth discussing under information systems include:

  1. The relevance of clouds in information storage and exchange
  2. The effectiveness of e-publishing
  3. The difference between search engines and full-text databases
  4. How the internet infrastructure has affected the job market
  5. The role of information exchange and science innovations in today’s world
Above are some of the best topics to discuss when writing an IT dissertation. They are interesting to read and most of all easier to research. Just choose the one that interests you the most and draft that dissertation right away. If you are still having problems selecting your topic for IT dissertation, reach out to us immediately and we will help you.

How to choose the best topic for your IT dissertation

While deciding a title for your dissertation, it is important to keep the following in mind:

  1. Make sure the topic you select is relevant and interesting
  2. Pick something you can easily research on
  3. Consider the current trends in the IT industry as this will make your topic more relevant in real life. You will also get additional marks for this
  4. Choose a topic that can help you grow career wise
If you follow these few tips, you will be able to come up with a great IT dissertation topic in the end. But if you don’t have enough time to select the topic on your own, you can talk to us and we will help you. We can even prepare the dissertation for you as you take care of other assignments in your coursework. Also, if you have done any of your assignments and need a professional to edit it for you, we will be happy to do that. The Assignment Helper has solutions for every dissertation assignment problem. We therefore call upon you to try our IT dissertation help services and you will be glad you did.