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Insurance is a contractual agreement between two parties (insurer and the insured) whereby one party (the insured) receives reimbursement or financial protection against losses from the other party (insurer). It is used to hedge against financial losses’ risks, that may be caused by damages or injuries from a third party to the insured or his/her property. Insurance law therefore is a set of rules and regulations that govern how insurance contracts are created and enforced. There are seven principles that are controlled by insurance law. They include:
  1. Principle of indemnity 
  2. Principle of utmost good faith (ubberimae fidei)
  3. Principle of subrogation
  4. Principle of insurable interest
  5. Principle of contribution
  6. Principle of nearest cause (causa proxima)
  7. Principle of loss of minimization
As an insurance law student, the above principles need to be at your fingertips if you hope to pass your class or pursue a career as an insurance lawyer. But mastering these areas and other concepts of insurance law is not quite an easy undertaking and that’s why many students find trouble scoring good grades in their assignments and the subject in general.
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Types of insurance explained by our insurance law homework writing experts

According to our insurance homework helpers, insurance is divided into two major categories; life insurance and general insurance. Let’s dig a little bit into this!
  • Life insurance: This type of insurance covers the risk of life of an individual (the insured). In the unfortunate event of death, the nominee (next of kin) will be given the policy amount by the insurance company. On maturity, the policy amount will be paid in lump sum or in periodical installments. Life insurance is further divided into:
  • Whole life assurance: A type of insurance where the policy amount is paid upon the death of the person insured.
  • Term life assurance: An insurance policy where the total amount is paid upon maturity of the indicated term.
  • Annuity: In this type of insurance, when the policy matures, the amount is paid in installments, instead of a lump sum.
  • General insurance: Our insurance law projects help experts list any insurance that is not part of life insurance under this category. In general insurance, the policyholder will only get compensation when he/she experiences a loss due to the reasons stated in the policy. It falls under three subcategories:
  • Fire insurance: In this type of insurance, the insurer agrees to indemnify losses caused to property or goods of the policyholder due to fire, to a certain amount.
  • Marine insurance: Under marine insurance, the insurer promises to compensate the ship or the cargo owner against risks associated with marine adventures. It is further classified into freight insurance, hull insurance, and cargo insurance.
  • Miscellaneous insurance: This one according to our insurance law assignment writers covers other areas of general insurance. It includes credit insurance, burglary insurance, loss of profit insurance, motor vehicle insurance, fidelity insurance etc.
The main difference between life insurance and general insurance is that the former covers life risk and the latter covers property. Also, premiums in life insurance are paid in regular intervals while those in general insurance are paid in a single lump sum for the year.
Our insurance law homework helpers have dealt with many assignments derived from this area. So if you are having any difficulty either in your assignment completion or just understanding the concepts of the different types of insurance, feel free to reach out. We offer help with insurance law assignments and live online tutorials to help you get a strong hold of the subject.

What can you do with a degree in insurance law?

Insurance law is a lucrative area and that’s why it is important to have a strong hold of the subject so that you can be able to compete effectively with other insurance lawyers in real life. In this section, our insurance law assignment help experts look at some of the duties you will be tasked with if you choose to pursue a career in insurance law.
  • You will provide advice to the person involved in crafting legal documents such as release papers and insurance contracts.
  • You may also be tasked with advising the claims department personnel in issues relating to the filed claims and undue payments.
  • You will assess the claims made by the customers to determine whether it is legally right to grant or deny the claim.
  • You will also oversee drafting of insurance policies to make sure that they are legally accurate in order to avoid any potential loopholes.
  • In addition,you will be required to review the legality of insurance transactions, study court decisions, ensure that insurance policies conform with law or even protect your company from unwarranted claims.
None of these duties is possible to perform without good knowledge of insurance law. So if this is the area you are focusing on in law school, you will need to put the required effort not only to get your assignments completed within the set deadline but also to ace the subject. Also, remember that insurance laws change from time to time, so as a good student, you will need to stay abreast of these changes and keep updating your knowledge through devoting more time to studying the subject. Good news? The Assignment Helper already has a platform where you can avail help with insurance law homework. So if you need to create more time to study the subject, take advantage of this platform and you will never have to worry about your insurance law projects again.
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