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Recruiting and Labor Markets

Recruiting is an activity carried out by the human resource department to attract and fill out positions with potential employees. Recruitment strategies laid out by the company are human resource decisions. These policies influence the behavior and performance of employees. Recruitment policies are founded on quality, quantity, and effectiveness. On the other hand, labor markets refer to the demand and supply of labor. Companies and potential employers demand labor while qualified personnel supplies the expertise.

Job Analysis

Job analysis involves collecting and analyzing the content and requirements of a job. This type of analysis is used by the human resource management team to define and organize tasks within a family of jobs. Job analysis creates a clear path for employees interested in progressing and advancing in their careers. In other words, it offers opportunities for an employee to increase in ranking and compensation.

Human Resource Planning and Retention

Planning is essential in human resource management. It allows the company to meets its objectives by identifying and analyzing the availability of labor and why it is needed. The process of planning usually requires in-depth knowledge of whether to expand or reduce the current operations. This is normally the case when a new technology has been introduced. The main aim of human resource planning is to make sure that the organization has the perfect number of capable employees at the right time.

Human Resource Training and Development

Employee training and development is often carried out to update the skills and knowledge of employees. This is a structured program that ensures that the organization's workforce keeps abreast with changes in the environment. All organizations strive to optimize costs using the resources available. This can only be realized if the efficiency and productivity of personnel are improved. Training and development is one way of achieving this.

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