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Get Round The Clock Geography Assignment Help From Proficient Experts What is Geography?

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Branches of Geography

There are two major divisions in Geography, namely physical and human geography.

Physical Geography

This branch investigates and gives insights into the natural feature on earth. In physical geography, students get to learn how landscapes are formed, development of fluvial systems and spatial distribution, and the characteristics of flora and fauna.

Human Geography

Human geography explores human activities and how they impact the earth. It focusses on languages, urban areas, religion, transportation system, economics, demographics, agriculture and many more. This branch strives to answer questions on how human activities alter the environment.

Some Interesting Facts in Geography

The rotation of the earth is slowing gradually at approximately 17 ms per century
Antarctica is not owned by any country. It makes up 70 percent of the world’s fresh water. Furthermore, 90percent of the world’s ice is found in Antarctica.
Kola Superdeep in Russia is the deepest hole ever drilled by man. It is about 40,226 feet deep. It resulted in the discovery of a huge deposit of hydrogen.
Watermelon snow which gets its color and smell from a tiny algae can be found in mountains
In Uranus, the winter season lasts for 21 years.
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