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A database is an assortment of associated data which represents some trait of the real world. A database system is designed to be constructed and populated with information for a certain task.
Database Management System (DBMS) is a software suite for storing and recovering users’ data by bearing in mindproper security measures. It permits users to build their own databases as per their requirements.
Fourth-generation query languages likeSQL are used along with the DBMS set to interrelate with a database.Below are some of the DBMS examples:
  1. MySQL
  2. SQL Server
  3. Oracle
  4. dBASE
  5. FoxPro
  6. PostgreSQL
  7. Microsoft Access
  8. Clipper
  9. FileMaker
  10. SQLite
  11. IBM DB2
  12. LibreOffice Base
  13. MariaDB
Most database software comes with open database connectivity (ODBC) driver that permits the database to assimilate with other databases since they need to communicate with each other.

Four main types of database structures

Database structures are categorized into four groups: Hierarchical, Relational, Object-Oriented and Network database.
  1. Hierarchical Database: Model data is organized with hierarchical relationships (Tree-like structure). It becomes a complex network if the one-to-many relationship is dishonored. Data is signified using a parent-child relationship where a parent may have many children but children have only one parent. 
  2. Relational DBMS: The mostcommonly used DBMS model since it is easy than the rest. This model has a referential integrity feature which allows data in one table to be referenced in other tables that maintain the integrity of links among them. The relational model is stored in fixed structures and manipulated using SQL.
  3. Object-Oriented Database:It describes a database as an assortment of objects, which stores both data associates’ values and operations. Data is prearranged with a resemblance to object-oriented programming ideas. An object contains data and methods, while classes group, objects have similar data and methods.
  4. Network database:Objects are organized in a graph, which can be accessed through several paths. This model allows you to address the need to model more complex relationships like an example of a child having several parents.

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