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Company law is the legislation by which a firm is formed, registered, incorporated, governed and dissolved. A company can be a sole proprietorship, limited liability, partnership, public limited company, or a corporation. The company law therefore helps in defining the formation of a company, its ownership and how shares should be distributed.
Students aspiring to become company lawyers have to study and understand the fundamentals of company law. That’s not even thedifficult part; they have to deal with myriad assignments that test their understanding of the subject. But working on college papers is never a simple task and a company law assignment being one of them is no doddle. Students have to obtain relevant materials for research and spend enough time in the actual research and writing. That’s why a good number of them prefer seeking company law assignment help online. At The Assignment Helper, we receive requests for company law assignment writing almost every day from students studying in the USA, UK, UAE, Malaysia, Canada, New Zealand, Singapore, and Australia, to mention a few. We deliver the needed college assignment help to these scholars to help them secure the grades they require to achieve their dreams. If you too are stuck with your company law projects and would like to get them ready before the submission date, contact us. Our company law assignment writers will help you with your writing task so that you can meet your assignment’s deadline.

Learn the different types of companies as explained by our company law experts

According to our company law assignment experts are classified according to their incorporation, number of members, and the members’ liability. The different types of companies that fall under these categories include:
  • Statutory companies
  • Royal chartered companies
  • Companies limited by shares
  • Incorporated or registered companies
  • Unlimited companies
  • Companies limited by guarantee
  • Private companies
  • Public company
  • Sole proprietorship

  • Our company law homework helpers further divide these companies into the following categories:

  • Mode of incorporation: A company falls under this category if it is created by a special order, special act, or registered like a normal company. This classification therefore covers royal chartered companies (created by a special order), statutory companies (created by a special act), and incorporated or registered companies (created through an act of government and issued with a certificate of incorporation).
  • Number of members: Under this category are public limited companies, private limited companies, and sole proprietorship companies. In a public limited company, shares can be traded or sold to the public. The liability of shareholders is limited. A private company has between 2 and 50 members. Their liability can be either limited or unlimited based on the company type. In a sole proprietorship company (one person company), the owner has limited liability, which means that in the event the company is liquidated, his/her personal assets will not be at risk.
  • Liability of members: Our company law project help experts argue that for companies that fall under this category, liquidation is paid by the company members. They can pay from the face value of the shares they hold or from their personal assets. The types of companies covered here include companies limited by shares (where shareholders cover liquidation with the face value of the shares they hold), companies limited by guarantee (where shareholders promise to cover liquidation with a certain fixed amount of money) and unlimited companies (where liquidation is covered from the shareholders personal assets).
If you are having trouble understanding the various types of companies, you can always get in touch with our experts or book an online company law tutoring with us. We will explain each of the areas above in depth so that you can grasp even the most complex aspects of company formation. Similarly, if your company law project is derived from any of these areas and you are not so sure about how to get it done, seek help with company law assignment from us. Our services are available day and night to ensure that you are able to access assistance whenever you need it and get your assignments done at your convenience.

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