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Table Of Contents
  • Business Marketing Strategy
  • Business Statistics
  • Business Reporting
  • Business Development
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Business Marketing Strategy

An effective marketing strategy defines how the business will achieve and accomplish its goals. It outlines the plan or the activities that the firm will undertake to realize the set goals. Business marketing strategies guide the entire operations of the business. For this reason, such strategies must be communicated and planned with the entire team. Also, thorough research and wide consultation should be done before a marketing strategy is implemented.

Business Statistics

As the name suggests, business statistics is the application of statistical tools and concepts in business. For example, data analysis tools like probability are often used to predict future sales. Most of the elementary statistical tools used in business are from basic math like mean, mode, median, etc. Business statistics aim to identify relationships and make inferences of a business population.

Business Reporting

Business reporting provides insights into the health of the business. Such reports are used as a means of tracking and analyzing the performance of the business. Business reports also help managers identify areas that need improvements and where there are growth opportunities. The process of business reporting involves compiling and evaluating information in various departments such as finance, operations, inventory, etc.

Business Development

Business development encompasses all the innovative ideas and initiatives that are implemented to make a business better. Some of these activities include improving revenues, expanding the business to increase growth and profitability, entering into strategic mergers and partnerships, and making informed business decisions. The activities of business development run across various departments like project management, sales, marketing, etc.

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