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Branches of Geography Explained By Our Geography Assignment Helpers

Geography Homework Help Geography is the field of science that focuses on studying the earth, its physical features, atmosphere and the human activities that influence it. It examines the nature and organization of physical locations, places, and human societies across the globe. Geographers study how human activities affect the natural environment and the impact that various physical features and places have on people. In other words, they seek to understand where various natural features are found, how and why they were formed and how they have developed or changed over time due to influence from people.
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Branches Of Geography

According to our geography homework help experts, geography is divided into two major branches namely, physical geography and human geography.

Physical geography:

This branch of science mainly deals with the earth’s natural characteristics. Itfocuses on features found on the surface of the earth and those that are near it. Physical geography is further subdivided into biogeography (how animals and plants are distributed on earth), water resources geography (how water is collected, distributed and used in various parts of the world), climate geography (study of weather patterns), and geomorphology (how various features are formed).

Human geography:

This branch of geography studies the human race. It focuses on people’s backgrounds and how they interact with each other. Additionally, human geography studies how various groups of people inhabit and organize themselves in a particular region. In fact, most of the branches of geography fall under human geography. As per our geography assignment help providers, this branch is further divided into:

Economic geography that studies how various products are produced and distributed to their respective markets
Population geography that examines how various groups of people are distributed in a given area
Medical geography thatlooks into the patterns of how certain diseases spread
Politicalgeography that investigates politics
Military geography that studies the military fraternity
Transportation geography that examines various networks for transportation
Urban geography that is concerned with the study of the growth and development of urban cities across the world
If your geography assignment is derived from any of these branches, do not hesitate to contact us for geography homework help.