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Android is a Linux based operating system created by Google in 2008. It is used in mobile phones, car stereos, and watches. Android supports plenty of applications in smartphones and tablets. These applications make the life of these devices’ users more comfortable. There is a large number of Android users today and by using Android, we can create our own applications that cater to various needs of these users and publish them on Google Play. Some of the features that make Android a powerful tool for developers include:

  • Connectivity with various technologies such as GSM, CDMA, IDEN, LTE, Bluetooth, WIFI, etc.
  • Support for numerous media formats including GIF, AMR, BMP, PNG, AMR-WB, AACE, MPEG-4, WAV, MIDI, to mention a few
  • Support for relational database commonly known as SQLite
  • Ability to resize widgets
  • Android beam that allows for instant sharing of files
  • Google Cloud Message that allows developers to send messages to Android users

With Android growing in popularity day in day out, institutions of higher learning have found the need to include various Android modules into the curriculum. This is to equip programming students with the knowledge and skills they need to compete and blend well with other programmers once they are out of college. But just like the rest of the subjects taught in a programming class, Android is not an easy area to comprehend. It requires one to work extra hard in studying and preparing its assignments. While studying the subject can be fun, completing its assignment is not, because researching and drafting the paper takes too much time. That’s why many college students result to seeking Android assignment help online hoping to find a reliable service provider who can help them do their papers professionally and meet the given deadlines.

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The Assignment Helper receives hundreds of “do my Android assignment” requests from students in the US, the UK, Canada, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, New Zealand, UAE and many other parts of the globe. Our Android homework help experts have provided quality solutions on all the assignment topics issued to them including:

  • Android manifest
  • Android application structure
  • Activity/receiver/services declarations
  • Strings
  • Assets
  • Java and resources
  • Editing emulator settings
  • Activities and activity lifecycle
  • Drawable resources and layouts
  • Introduction to Android
  • Logcat usage
  • Emulator shortcuts
  • Application developing and testing tools
  • Application construction frameworks
  • File explorer
  • Debugging tools
  • Android development tools
  • Android API and framework

This is just a fist of the topics we have covered before. There is a whole bunch of Android topics that are not listed here. So whether your assignment is derived from any of the areas above or a totally different topic, you can rest assured that we will provide the best assistance. Why? We have hired competent Android project helpers for the job. These experts have over ten years of experience in preparing Android assignment solutions for students. They use the most current resources to research on the topics and make sure that the final product is sent in good time. Don’t believe us? Check out our testimonials section and see what our happy customers say about us.

What services does our Android assignment help cover?

There are three main services provided by our online Android assignment help experts. These include:

  • Assignment writing: This is one of the most popular services on our website. Most of the students who seek help with Android assignments want their papers written from scratch by our experts. We have a great team of assignment writers who research and draft the assignment as per the requirements specified by the client.
  • Assignment editing and proofreading: This service is provided free of cost to those who get their assignments done by our experts. But that doesn’t mean you can’t use the service if your paper was prepared somewhere else. If you have already done your assignment and need expert editing and proofreading, you can always receive this service at some fee. Our editors and proofreaders will check the assignment against the given requirements to see if it has been done as per the expectations of your assessor and highlight areas that need amending, if any.
  • Assignment rewriting: What if your assignment needs rewriting? If you need to do your Android paper afresh, we provide such services too. We have a resit homework help platform that is solely dedicated to those who need their papers redone by an expert. Just tell us exactly what you need us to do and we will rewrite, format, and reference your paper accordingly.

You can contact us for any of these services whenever you need help with Android homework. Just send us an instant message via our Live Chat service or leave us an email and we will respond right away with the most appropriate solution.

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Before, college goers contacted us for Android assignment writing because their friends had referred them to our website. Now they contact us because we have constantly given them quality academic solutions. Here are more reasons why we have remained a top provider for Android assignment help:

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