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Anatomy is derived from two Greek words, ana, which means apart, and tomy, which means to cut. The term is used to describe the study of the organization and structure of the body of a living organism. Anatomy by itself is not an easy area to study and many students often seek anatomy homework help from us in order to understand the concepts and secure good grades in their anatomy assignments. If you too are having sleepless nights because you cannot figure out how to go about that anatomy assignment writing task, then get in touch with our experts and we will guide you through it.

Branches of anatomy covered under our anatomy homework help

Anatomy is a wide academic field and majority of the concepts require high expertise in order to submit high quality anatomy assignments. Below are some of the branches of anatomy with which our experts have provided assistance over the years.
  • Descriptive anatomy: A branch of anatomy that divides the body into different parts, studies them, and describes the relationship between each part, structure, constitution and form.
  • Topographical anatomy: Just like the descriptive anatomy, this branch divides thebody of a living organism into different parts and studies the relationship between each region. For instance, the human body is divided into the head region, truck, upper and lower limb.
  • Comparative anatomy: Studies both the similarities and differences in living things and their anatomy. Comparative anatomy tries to find common characteristics among differentgroups of living things.
  • Microscopic anatomy: Also known as histology, microscopic anatomy analyzes the organic tissues, their functions, development, structure and composition. This branch is important in medicine studies as it helps researchers understand different pathological processes that take place in in living organisms’ bodies.
  • Macroscopic anatomy: This branch of anatomy uses instruments to study the parts and organ systems of living organisms.
  • Embryology: Also known as the anatomy of development, this branch studies the development of embryo in living organisms. Embryology studies embryo formation from fertilization to zygote t maturity.
  • Surface anatomy: Studies the outside features of the bodies of living organisms
  • Pathology anatomy: This branch studies the development, consequences and transmission of diseases. It is used in medicine to explore and interpret the symptoms of diseases in order to understand the pattern and behavior of the pathogen.
  • Artistic anatomy: Studies the measurement, contribution, and formation of the body.
  • Morphological anatomy: Studies the external formation of the body.
  • Plant anatomy: Studies the tissues and the cellular structure of the plants
  • Animal anatomy: Studies the relationship, formation, and disposition of different animals’ body parts. Animal anatomy is further subdivided into anatomy of amphibians, anatomy of fish, anatomy of mammals, anatomy of birds, anatomy of arthropods, and anatomy of invertebrates.
  • Human anatomy: It is the study of the structure and formation of a human body. It looks at different human body systems including the nervous system, the reproduction system, the vascular system, the skeletal system, the respiratory system, etc.
To learn more about the different branches of anatomy, get our anatomy assignment help. We have completed thousands of assignments issued from the above topics before and helped students grasp the concepts of the subject in a simpler manner. So do not worry if you feel like the anatomy assignment you are working on is complicated for anyone to handle. Our experts have the relevant field experience and expertise to handle any query related to anatomy and they will give you all the guidance you deserve regardless of the level of complexity of the assignment. So just reach out to us and we will get your project complete by the best hands in this industry.

Topics handled by our experts under anatomy homework

When your professor issues anatomy assignment, sometimes they give the topic while other times they do not. If you are having trouble coming up a good topic for your assignment, contact our experts and they will help you get the best topic for your project. Below are some of the anatomy topics that our experts have provided for our clients over the years:
  • Bones identification
  • Nervous and vascular system
  • Pelvimetry
  • Sclerocorneal junction
  • Cholinergic anti-inflammatory system
  • Cardiovascular system
  • Achilles tendon
  • Marionette lines
  • Brain connectivity
  • Human nose anatomy
This is just a few of the topics we have covered over the years under anatomy assignment help. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have an assignment from any of the areas mentioned above. Our academic writing experts have provided excellent homework help to students living in different parts of the UK, Malaysia, New Zealand, US, Canada, and Australia, andknow all the tricks to delivering an award winning assignment.

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